Industrial packagingIndustry-specific experience, craftsmanship and innovation. We make the difference for customers here in a wide range of industrial sectors as well as the agricultural sector. We understand the complex challenges and specific requirements in your market and are proactive and flexible in our response, with smart and reliable packaging solutions that perfectly match your product and logistics process. In the process, we use the very best sustainable materials as well as innovative engineering and manufacturing techniques. Discover the possibilities for your market and benefit from our years of experience and expertise.

High-quality customisation for the high-tech industry

For years, we have served as a reliable partner for renowned companies such as those in the automotive, semiconductor, healthcare and aerospace industries. We understand the market, and together we create complete customised packaging solutions, fully tailored to the customer's logistics chain – and the industry's high quality and safety standards. High-end customisation for safely and efficiently shipping valuable devices, products and components.

Agricultural sector: customised eco-storage systems

Agricultural producers also rely on the added value we provide. In our eco-storage systems for agricultural products, we combine our knowledge of eco-packaging with our expertise in ventilation and climate control. The important advantage: All of our agricultural crates are custom-made from heat-treated Northern European wood and are therefore guaranteed to be organism-free (ISPM 15).

Have a packaging issue? We create flexible customised solutions.

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