Smart design, reliable quality and fast delivery. Seerden has been the specialist in high-quality custom industrial packaging for decades. We know the market and proactively contribute our expertise, from the design phase to the final product and series. Whether you are in the automotive, semiconductor, healthcare or agriculture industry, we work together to develop complete, sustainable packaging solutions, fully tailored to your product and logistics process. In doing so, we combine craftsmanship with innovative technology. So you can always rest assured that your shipment is safe and efficient.

Industrial packaging

An industrial packaging solution has to provide more than just maximum protection. Efficient handling, transportation and reuse are also major concerns in the high-tech industry. We proactively anticipate these needs when designing and developing our customised packaging. We create smart and reliable packaging solutions that perfectly match the customer's product and logistics chain. Of course, all of our industrial packaging meets the highest quality and safety standards.

Eco-storage systems

For agricultural storage, we develop special eco-packaging or eco-storage systems. Here, we combine our product knowledge with expertise in ventilation and climate control. Our agricultural crates are custom-made from heat-treated Northern European wood and are therefore guaranteed to be free of organisms (ISPM 15). Dosed air circulation keeps agricultural produce fresh for longer.

Pallets & crates

In addition to high-end packaging for industrial products, you can also contact us for pallets, crates and boxes. All wooden crates and pallets are custom-made and ISPM 15-certified. That means you are choosing a sustainable and cost-effective packaging solution tailored to your products. For shipping art objects reliably, we also develop custom art boxes especially for museums and visual artists.

Timber & woodworking industry

Seerden's roots lie in the timber and woodworking industry. But a lot has changed since 1933. We now supply and process all of the wood for HQ Group's packaging solutions. In the process, our experts work with state-of-the-art machinery (including CNC milling machine). We also provide woodworking for third parties on request. And of course we also ensure that residual and waste wood is processed sustainably – in our own biomass power plant.

Have a logistical challenge? We create flexible customised packaging solutions.

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