Design, engineering and prototyping are the foundations of our packaging solutions. We analyse the needs of our customers and create complete customised packaging solutions. In doing so, we use the latest 3D modelling software that is also used by many of our customers. This helps us accelerate our development process and completely align our solution with the customer specifications, which are increasingly focused on circularity.

Advanced 3D modelling software

The modern 3D modelling software we use connects to the systems of many of our customers. This allows us to save time and develop a solution quickly and efficiently. With an eye on circularity, of course. This is also how we ensure that the packaging solutions perfectly match our customers' specifications.

Prototyping and testing

During the engineering phase, we carefully select shock-absorbing materials. If necessary, we add a lifting mechanism or another tool to enable efficient handling and transport. Ultimately, we create a prototype that can be tested. This includes drop and impact testing as well as a logistics simulation if necessary.

No 3D files?

No problem. Our experts can also work on site. We will discuss your needs and requirements, and then take measurements on site. Together, we'll create a smart and responsible packaging solution that suits your needs.

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