With Seerden, you are choosing a reliable partner with a proven approach. We contribute our expertise, from the design phase to final product and series. Hands-on, with a focus on quality, flexibility and sustainability. We begin by identifying the requirements. From there, we work together step-by-step to develop a complete packaging solution that is fully compatible with your high-tech product, specifications and logistics process.

Analysis: Programme of requirements

Custom industrial packaging starts with a thorough analysis of the customer requirements. What are the physical properties and vulnerabilities associated with the product or components? What mechanical and climatic conditions should be taken into consideration? Are specific tools needed in order to ensure efficient and safe handling and transportation? Another aspect growing in importance: What sustainability requirements does the packaging solution have to meet? If requested, we will also define the specifications in a programme of requirements. That is our starting point for the design process.

Design and engineering

Optimised protection is paramount here. If available, we use 3D files from the customer. But we also look beyond the product itself during our design process, because industrial packaging is also a 'logistics product'. The packaging solution is defined in a technical document. And then our engineers get to work. We carefully select shock-absorbing materials. And if necessary, we add a lifting mechanism or another tool to facilitate efficient handling.

Prototyping and testing

The engineering phase culminates in a prototype, which can then be tested. During this process, we conduct tests such as drop and impact testing. A logistics simulation can also be included in the testing process. If the prototype meets expectations and the test results are positive, we proceed to production after agreement.

Production of packaging solution (series)

In order to manufacture the packaging solution, we use the very best sustainable materials and the latest machinery. We combine innovation with creative craftsmanship here. For example, we make clever use of moulds to minimise the chance of error. This allows us to create reliable, high-quality industrial packaging – and series – solutions that fully align with your specifications and logistics chain. And guarantee responsible and safe shipping.

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