When storing agricultural products, two things are essential: eco-packaging material that is free of organisms, and good ventilation and climate control. Our cleverly designed eco-storage systems for the agricultural sector offer reliable and flexible solutions here. Each agricultural crate is custom-made from certified wood (ISPM 15) and guaranteed organism-free. We are also inventive in our use of climate control techniques to ensure optimum shelf life. With our eco-packaging, you can rest assured that you have a flexible and sustainable storage solution. Not to mention reliable quality, of course.

ISPM 15-certified wood

For our agricultural eco-storage systems, we only use ISPM 15-certified spruce wood from sustainably managed forests in Northern Europe. The wood undergoes a special heat treatment, guaranteeing that it is free of organisms such as fungi. This is not only beneficial for the food stored in the wooden crates, but also for the environment. In fact, with these eco-packaging products, it is not necessary to clean with chemicals. And Northern European spruce also lasts longer.

Agricultural storage: optimised ventilation and climate control

How can you ensure the shelf life of agricultural products? Drawing on our experience with storage and cooling systems in industry, we have designed our eco-friendly packaging for agricultural storage to ensure suitability for suction and pressure walls. These provide dosed air circulation. This ventilation and climate control system helps products such as potatoes, onions and carrots stay fresh longer, aligning shelf life to the actual distribution to consumers.

Seerden eco-packaging: smart customisation

The Seerden eco-storage system is made entirely from certified wood (ISPM 15) and includes plenty of clever details. Key features of our sustainable storage system:

  • Black writing surface and name inscription
  • Bulkhead equipped with brace
  • Rounded sides
  • Bracket or plywood joint with bottom
  • Solid milled joints, glued (with special glue) and nailed
  • Northern European spruce with ISPM 15 certification for heat treatment

Looking to preserve agricultural products? We create custom eco-packaging.

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