The complex logistical challenges and requirements for high quality and safety in the high-tech industry call for flexible and reliable packaging solutions. This ensures innovative and professional customised solutions that add value. Specialist market knowledge, smart engineering and sustainable quality are essential when it comes to shipping high-end products or components safely and efficiently. Renowned companies such as those in the automotive, semiconductor, healthcare and aerospace sectors have been relying on Seerden's expertise, experience and proven approach for years.

Automotive industry

Industrial packaging for valuable and fragile automotive components. This packaging not only needs to provide great protection, but also contribute to efficient handling and assembly. For instance the complete packaging solution for truck cabins, which we developed together with DAF Trucks.

Semiconductor industry

Optimised protection against external mechanical and climatic conditions is an absolute must when storing, handling and shipping valuable chip machines. Alongside efficient (re)use of materials, this is a key consideration in our development of high-quality customer-specific packaging for ASML.

As a member of the HQ Group, we can also provide cleanroom solutions.

Medical industry

Packaging solutions in the medical industry are subject to high quality and safety standards. But efficient handling is often an important requirement here, too. This was also the case at Philips Healthcare. Together, we created a smart custom solution for transporting and placing X-ray equipment in hospitals.

Aerospace industry

Safety is also paramount in the aerospace industry. Whether it involves wooden shipping crates for safely transporting landing gear or other advanced packaging applications.

Have a logistical challenge? We create complete customised industrial packaging solutions.

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