As a specialist in industrial packaging, we develop complete customised solutions for high-end markets. Optimised protection is paramount. However, we also look beyond the packaging itself during our design process, whether it involves precious equipment for the semiconductor industry, fragile high-tech products or automotive parts. After all, industrial packaging is also a 'logistics product'. Based on our industry-specific experience and expertise, we work together to create a smart and reliable packaging solution that perfectly matches your product, specifications and logistics process. In doing so, we also ensure safe, efficient and responsible shipping.

A proven approach, complete packaging solutions

When you choose Seerden, you are choosing a proven approach you can rely on. We proactively contribute our expertise, from the design phase to the final product and series. We first map out the requirements for the packaging. In doing so, we also examine optimum utilisation of storage and transport space as well as efficient handling. After that, the design process begins and our engineers get to work. They develop a prototype that can be tested. After approval, we then proceed to the production of the industrial packaging/series – including any customer-specific lifting mechanisms or other tools for efficient handling and transport.

Smart customisation for high-end markets

Packaging and transporting high-quality industrial products requires smart custom solutions. With our powerful combination of craftsmanship and innovation, we take a responsible approach to addressing key challenges in high-end markets such as the automotive, semiconductor, healthcare and aerospace industries. In particular, this includes protection against mechanical and climatic influences, logistical challenges in transport and high quality, safety and environmental requirements. In doing so, we use certified raw materials and reusable resources to achieve sustainable results.

Curious about the possibilities for custom industrial packaging? Check out the examples below and get inspired.

Industrial packaging for the automotive industry

Together with DAF Trucks, we have developed a complete packaging solution for transporting cabins. The solution not only provides great protection, but also allows for more efficient handling and assembly.

Industrial packaging for the semiconductor industry

This high-quality industrial packaging was specially developed to provide ASML's valuable machines with optimised protection against external mechanical and climatic conditions during storage, handling and transport.

Industrial packaging for the medical industry

A custom packaging solution for transporting and placing X-ray equipment in hospitals. In addition to optimised protection, simple and efficient handling was also an important requirement for Philips Healthcare here.

Industrial packaging for the aerospace industry

This wooden transport crate was custom made for safely transporting landing gear.

Have a logistical challenge? We create customised solutions for flexible industrial packaging.

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