The Seerden family business was founded in 1933 by Frans Seerden. A driven man with a passion for wood and an eye for innovation. His 'working together' mindset, the family spirit and the combination of innovation and creative craftsmanship are still at the core of our company.

"Make sure you always have the latest machines" – Frans Seerden

How it began

Drive and passion for wood, that's where it all began in 1933. Frans Seerden focused his timber business on supplying pit props for the Limburg mines. And he had an eye for innovation from the very beginning, as evident in his motto, "Make sure you always have the latest machines."

After World War II, the demand for wood for reconstruction was high. The family business expanded to include woodworking. With a great mix of innovation and craftsmanship and a 'working together' mindset, the company quickly built a strong name in the timber and woodworking industry.

From family business to pillar of the HQ Group

Under the inspiring leadership of Henk Seerden, Seerden has become the specialist in industrial packaging in recent years. As well as the trusted partner of renowned companies in the high-tech industry, such as ASML, DAF Trucks and Kuhn.

Since 2019, Seerden has been part of the HQ Group. As a member of the group, we provide complete packaging solutions for HQ Pack. We also provide the wood and expert woodworking for all of the shipping solutions within the HQ Group.

We have been on quite a journey since 1933, but we are still the same family business at our core. Because our strength lies within that family spirit. As a close-knit team of creative specialists, we combine innovation with craftsmanship, fulfilling our mission full of passion and enthusiasm: we create to protect.