The timber and woodworking industry, that's where it all began. But we at Seerden have undergone a dramatic evolution since 1933. As part of the HQ Group, we now supply and process all of the certified wood for the Group's packaging solutions. Here, we combine craftsmanship with innovation. Our creative specialists work with the latest technology and machinery, such as an advanced CNC milling machine for wood. We also provide woodworking for third parties on request. And of course we also ensure that waste wood and residual wood are processed sustainably – in our own biomass power plant.

CNC woodworking: advanced machinery

We have all the state-of-the-art machinery needed in-house when it comes to skilled CNC woodworking and we work with the latest techniques. With our advanced milling machine for wood (CNC router), we are capable of 5-axis milling. This helps us save time while also being able to produce all the wooden packaging parts exactly to specification, regardless of shape or size. We also have a planer, mitre saws and beam saws to cut and machine wood, among other tools. We supply various types of multiplex/triplex plywood, with options such as rough sawn or smooth planed, for use in boxes, crates and pallets.

Certified wood from responsible forests

Seerden stands for sustainable quality. We are members of the SMHV (Foundation implementing the Dutch Wood Marking Program), and all of the wood packaging we produce meets the standards of the International Phytosanitary Measure 15 (ISPM 15). We only process wood from sustainably managed forests (FSC/PEFC).

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