At Seerden, we develop industrial packaging with people and nature in mind. In doing so, we leverage innovative technology to ensure efficient production, recycling and renewable energy. This starts at the design phase, where circularity is a key consideration. The wood for our packaging comes from sustainably managed forests (FSC/PEFC) and is organism-free (ISPM 15). And we heat our buildings with residual and waste streams processed in our own biomass plant.


For us, sustainability means more than using ISPM-certified wood from responsible forests. We employ innovative techniques and smart solutions for efficient processes, recycling and sustainable energy consumption. For example, we process residual streams in our own biomass plant. This means we are completely self-sufficient.


We have all the state-of-the-art machinery needed in-house when it comes to skilled CNC woodworking and we work with the latest techniques. With our advanced CNC router, we are capable of 5-axis milling. This means we save time and can produce all of the packaging parts exactly to specification, regardless of the size or shape.

Engineering & prototyping

We are a strong partner in engineering and prototyping. We analyse the needs of our customers and design complete customised packaging solutions. In doing so, we use the latest 3D modelling software that is also used by many of our customers. This accelerates our development process and allows us to perfectly align our solution with customer specifications. Circularity is playing an increasingly important role here.

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