Smart custom packaging solutions have been Seerden's specialty for decades. We understand the market and contribute our expertise, from the design phase to the finished product and series. Practical and proactive. We invest in sustainable cooperation and work together to develop flexible and reliable industrial packaging solutions, fully tailored to your product and logistics process. Our strength? The perfect blend of innovation and craftsmanship, personal service and passion for our work. This helps us ensure fast delivery, and you can rely on safe, efficient and responsible shipping.

Part of the HQ Group

Seerden is part of the HQ Group. We combine the mindset of a family business with the support and capabilities of a multinational company. This allows us to offer you even better service as a partner.

Our mission

We create to protect. We ensure that your high-tech products can be safely moved from one point in the world to another in a responsible manner. In doing so, we always work according to our core values: flexibility, reliability, proactiveness and enjoyment.

Our vision

Creating an environment with a responsible approach in which we, as the most ambitious packager of high-tech products, can continue to grow without compromising our core values.

In collaboration with our customers, suppliers and partners and other HQ Group members, we provide high-quality packaging solutions to ensure the safe and clean transport of your valuable and fragile industrial and technical products and components.

Everything we do is focused on providing the most reliable and responsible shipping solutions.

Certifications from Seerden: ISO 9001, VCA, SMAV.

Proven approach

At Seerden, you can rely on our proven approach. We work proactively alongside you, from design to final product. We start this process with a thorough analysis of the packaging solution requirements. Together, we create industrial packaging – and a series solution – that fully matches your product and logistics process, with an eye on sustainability.

Our history

What once began as a small family business in the timber and woodworking industry grew into a renowned specialist in industrial packaging and important pillar of the international HQ Group. Curious about how it all began and how Seerden has evolved over the years?