We use ISPM-certified wood from sustainably managed forests (FSC/PEFC) for our packaging solutions. But we take sustainability and circularity even further. With our innovative techniques and smart use of materials, we provide more than just efficient processes, recycling and renewable energy. We also proactively contribute our expertise to our customers' CSR goals. For us, sustainability extends to the relationships we build, with our customers, suppliers and employees. Only through ongoing investment in these relationships can we continue to achieve sustainable success together.

Certified wood from responsible forests

With Seerden, you are choosing sustainable quality. We are members of the Foundation implementing the Dutch Wood Marking Program (SMHV), and all the wood packaging we produce meets the standards of the International Phytosanitary Measure 15 (ISPM 15). We only process wood from sustainably managed forests (FSC/PEFC). For our eco-storage systems for agricultural products, we only use Northern European spruce.

Sustainable and energy neutral

By cleverly combining innovative technology and creative craftsmanship, we ensure sustainable, efficient processes and use of materials. Thanks to the wide variety of packaging we create – from industrial packaging to crates and pallets – we are able to combine orders and keep wastage low. We process residual and waste streams in our own biomass plant, which is then used to heat our buildings. And we also have solar panels, of course. This means we are completely self-sufficient.

The CSR goals of our customers

As large multinationals, many of our clients have to account for what they do in order to meet increasingly stringent targets and regulations. There are often gains to be made when it comes to packaging. For this reason, we work closely with many of our customers to identify how we can best support them in this regard. Seerden has been at the forefront of this trend for years: we are adopting more and more circular concepts in our packaging solutions.

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