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Seerden Industriële Houtgroup B.V. designs packaging solutions on demand. It is all about combining wood packaging with mechanical techniques in an innovative way. They have an in-house engineering department and test facilities at business partner TOPA Verpakking that enables the production of large series of custom designed packaging. Seerden Houtgroup B.V. consists of four departments: Industrial Packaging, Pallets and Crates, Eco-storage Systems en Wood Trade and Woodworking.

You get what you want to package and transport your product in the most optimal way. To achieve this Seerden Houtgroup B.V.uses a patented click system, installation mechanisms and logistic constructions. For the manufacturing of the wooden materials, the factory is equipped with a computer aided CNC milling machine. Every department has its own specialty.
  At the department Industrial Packaging the engineering aspect is a driving force, because the packaging is mainly used for high-tech products. The department Pallets and Crates is innovative, because of application of the patented click system. The department of Eco-storage Systems is special, because of the availability of knowledge of air-conditioning and climate control. The roots of the Seerden Houtgroup B.V. are reflected in the department of Wood Trade and Woodworking. Get to know the way of working of Seerden Houtgroup B.V. and professionalize your distribution and logistics with a custom-made packaging solution.
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